Logic – Everybody



So I’ve been into Logic for a while now; he’s a nerdy kid who seems like he’s gone through some shit, and when he gets in a flow he freakin kills it.  With this album he definitely touches some real subject matter, in interesting ways.  Talking about politics, hate, race, gender, suicide and suicide prevention.   I’d say give it a listen cuz it works for some songs and not so much for others.  Fair warning, it does get pretty strange at times, probably too much ganj or something haha


Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Started playing DragonAge: Inquisition again, never finished it and just sorta got lost in the side missions.  This time I’m playing an elf archer and I’m planning on siding with the templars.  The game is so gorgeous for its time and I feel like the characters are all pretty unique.  Bioware is one of my favorites when it comes to rpgs.