I’ve never met a girl as caring as she is.  Shes a rare breed that still worries about others and about being a good person.  Shes usually upbeat, a brilliant ball of radiance, yet at the same time typically exhausted.  Behind her contagious smile lies a bit of sorrow, self doubt, and new found cautiousness.  Shes a girl that fell in love way too young, and had children with a man she thought she knew.  Shes a mess; but by God is she a beautiful one.  And now she sleeps, curled up in a ball beside me, long gorgeous hair sprawled about.  My fingers start to dance, weaving through the elegant chestnut curls that lay upon my lap; her entrancing scent tickling my nostrils. In this moment in time, all that exists is us.  It’s such an innocent thing but my heart can’t help but sing, it’s as if the universe made this woman, for me.

image Art by Shilin, check his other stuff out, its all amazing.


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